Oodi alias Noatak's Hurricane Kanuti Du Tumi




27kg, 60cm


2014 Arctic Trophy II Ylämaa 2x4km.

2015 Ruuhirod 4 x 20km within 20 hours, 2015 Arctic Cross Simo1x4km.

Ruuhirod 2016 3x25km within 20 hours, Ruunaa race 2016 3x43km, Gold Rush Run 2016 2x83km.

Ruunaa Race 2017 3x33km SM-REK4-2017, Gold Rush Run 2017 2x47km.

Paltamo Sprint 2018 2x6 km REK1, Kuusamo MD 2018 2x43km. Gold Rush Run 2018 2x45km.

2019 UHPA 72+2x36km, 2019 Rautavaara ALMA On Snow 2x16km, 2019 Ruunaa Race 3x45km, 2019 Gold Rush Run 2x75km.

Jämi MD2019 4*8km within 12h.

UHPA 2020 95+95km.

Eastpoint Open 2020: 120km (team did not finish the race)

Jämi MD2020: 4*8km within 10h

Ruunaa Race 2021: 3*45km

2 litters: De La Luna and Kings & Queens

Runs lead in our big team.

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