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Sari Kinnunen

Sari got her first malamute at 2002. Finnish Alaskan malamute club she joined already 1996, to explore the breed. And she is still thirsty to learn more. Pack has increased slowly but steadily.

For several years Sari has been member of the breeding committee in Alaskanmalamute Club of Finland. Interest in the breed and its working ability has become an important part of Sari's life. She owns kennel name "Utamuutin".

In Utamuutin & CO she is the one to raise the "children", the future hopes. Her pack contains mainly youngsters, which are too young for big team, and the veterans, who have left for one reason or another active workout, but are excellent teachers for this young gang. Sari does start the initial sled dog training of the puppies early age with help of older pack. She is also the one to remind Anne of attending also dog shows. Sari's family has also other members, not only the dogs - husband and 3 children.

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& CO

Anne Arvola and Marko Vesterinen

Anne and Marko got their first malamute in year 2000. After that their pack has been steadily growing. Over the years Anne has been actively participating to ALMA (Alaskan Malamute Club of Finland) work as member of board, chairing working committee and taking care of club's equipment shop. She is also official judge for Finnish Kennel Club's weight pulling test. Anne's interest is mainly working and training with the dogs with some experience in racing short and mid distances and weight pulling.

Soon after acquiring the second malamute Marko wanted to try racing and since that time he has been actively competing short and mid distances with 2-4 dogs teams in 2001-2008. He won World Champion in WSA Championships for pure bred dogs in 2 dogs class 2008. He has also long experience in weight pulling. Last 7 years he has concentrated on longer distances, racing already several 100 and 100+ races with 4-14 dogs teams.

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